What is an electrical installation condition report?
This tests whether your current electrical works are in a satisfactory condition and safe for use. 

What information will you retrieve from an electrical installation condition report?
This report will detail the condition of your electrical installations and also highlight areas of immediately dangerous, potential danger and other recommendations.

Who can carry out this report?
This report should only be carried out by a trained registered electrical engineer.

When will my property need rewiring?
There is no set time as to when your property will need rewiring, it is important you get a professional electrical engineer to perform a full check every 10 years or so.

If I’m a Landlord how frequently should an inspection be carried out?
An inspection should be carried out by a fully qualified engineer every 5 years or between tenancies. It is your duty to ensure all appliances and electrical wiring is safe before and during tenancy.

Im a Landlord, do i need Landlord Safety Certificate?
There is no such thing as a Landlord Safety Certificate it is the Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR).

Is electrical installation testing a legal requirement?
Yes in homes under multiple occupancy periodic testing is a legal requirement and must be carried out every 5 years.