Electrical Faults & Repairs

If you know of an electrical fault whether it is in your house, business or any other type of premises our electrical engineers at Trustlec can diagnose the problem and perform a full electrical repair.

Locating a fault in an electrical system requires an experienced engineer, if left alone electrical faults are a potential risk to both you and your property.

Common Electrical Faults

Some of the most common electrical faults include:

  • Circuit breaker continuously tripping out
  • Faulty or frayed wires
  • Intermittent power 
  • Electrical sockets not working
  • Lighting circuit not functioning

If your wiring system hasn't been renewed within the last 10 years, we recommend that you get a professional electrical engineer to perform a full check. Most older homes have not been designed to withstand the type of power requirements we have today. The amount of electricity we use in this day in age can be a hazard, causing the insulation of the wiring to become brittle and will over time short circuit.

Trustlec Sameday Call Out Service

We offer a 24 hour call-out services and competitive rates to all of our customers, both new and existing call us today on 07806677388.