Electrical Certification & Reports

At Trustlec we are qualified accredited electricians, we can carry out full electrical installation condition reports; this type of report provides an assessment of the condition of your electrical installations, adhering to the current regulations at the time of inspection.

We recommend you have an electrical inspection every 10 years if you are an owner of an occupied home. If you are a landlord an inspection should be carried out every 5 years or between tenancies, you should also consider an electrical inspection if you are thinking of buying a home that has been previously occupied. 

An electrical inspection will reveal:

  • Potential Electric Shock
  • Potential Fire Hazards
  • Overloaded Electrical Circuits
  • Faulty / Damaged Electrical Works
  • Reveal Lack of Earthing or Bonding

If you require an electrical installation condition report then please contact us on 0151 653 3138 or leave us a quick message here contact us